N.A.G Bag Slow Feeder – Helps Save on Hay!!

We also have: corral panels,ride through gates,ranch gates,feeders,
galvanized corral panels,stalls,dog kennels,security fencing,wire,
hog panels,cattle panels,deer fence

Mini Bag – $31.95
Trailer Bag – $38.00
Hanging Bag – $46.95
Day Bag – $66.95
Small Bale Bag – $72.00
4×4 Round Bale Bag – $262.00
5×5 Round Bale Bag – $268.00
6×6 Round Bale Bag – $289.00

Mimics Natural Grazing
High Quality
Saves on waste

They are available to view at Pleasant Valley Trailer Sales on Highway 97 just North of Vernon.

See our website for other products and hours of operation: www.pleasantvalleytrailersales.com

250-545-2000 or 877-476-6558


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